Can there be stones in the prostate How to treat prostate stones

Life makes many people understand a truth, health is the most important, prostate stones are a more common prostate disease in men, if you want to clarify your condition, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible for examination, and then take good treatment measures, at the same time, patients and friends must have good confidence in treatment, so that their condition will be further improved, so will prostate stones?

In fact, the prostate gland will have the symptoms of stones, because the patient does not pay attention to the body, and suffers from itprostatitisBecause there is no way for toxic substances to be excreted from the body, they accumulate on their own body, resulting in the appearance of stones, early stones have no obvious symptoms, prostate fibrosis is the most obvious symptom, the patient will not have any uncomfortable feelings, if there are symptoms, there will be poor sleep and mental inability to concentrate, and the patient will also have a burning pussy and a peculiar smell.Can there be prostate stones, how to treat prostate stones

Prostate calcification is the main manifestation of patients with prostatic stones in the middle stage, and it is very easy to breed bacteria on prostate calcifications.prostatitisAn important factor in the recurrence of seizures is caused by this. If the calcification foci develop into stones, the inflammation of the prostate will be aggravated, and the prostatitis will affect the survival rate of sperm, resulting in the patient's fertility being affected.

Small stones in prostate stones can cause chronic inflammation, and the stones will occupy the entire gland cavity of the prostate, and if there is suppuration at the same time, it will cause more serious damageprostatitisThe physical harm to the patient is enormous.Can there be prostate stones, how to treat prostate stones

What is the most important thing in real life, health is the most important, the symptoms of prostate stones are more complicated, the disease is also very harmful to the body, and there is the possibility of cancer in serious cases, we also know that the treatment of the disease is a relatively long process, so patients need to adhere to the treatment, so that the condition can recover as soon as possible.