Can you eat kelp for gout? Principles of diet for patients with gout

Kelp is a food with high nutritional value, many people like to eat kelp, women eat kelp has many benefits, the average person likes to use kelp to make soup, kelp soup is indeed a very nutritious way to eat.Can you eat kelp for gout? Principles of diet for patients with goutThere may be some gout patients who also like to eat kelp, but they are afraid that eating it will not be good for their health, so can they eat kelp for gout? Is it OK to eat kelp for gout?

1. You can eat kelp for gout

Although kelp belongs to seafood, the purine content of kelp is much lower than that of other fish, shrimp and shellfish, and the nutritional value of kelp is rich, containing a large number of vitamins and trace elements, and proper consumption is beneficial to the body. In addition, kelp is an alkaline food and can promote the excretion of uric acid, and eating some kelp in moderation can relieve gout.

2. Control kelp intake

The daily purine intake of gout patients should be controlled below 100-150mg, although the purine content of kelp is low, and every 100 grams of kelp contains 25-150mg of purines per month, although gout patients do not limit the use of kelp, but should not overdose.

3. Don't eat kelp during the seizure period

In order to avoid the aggravation of gout symptoms by the purines in kelp, it is best not to eat kelp in the pre-gout and attack periods. Patients with gout can wait until their condition is slightly stable before using it in moderation.

4. Tips

Gout, also known as "hyperuricemia", gout is a disorder in the metabolism of purine substances in the human body, gout patients must strictly control their eating habits, limit the consumption of purine foods, and must not bring avoidable harm to health because of temporary greed.

5. Dietary principles for gout patients

Maintaining an ideal body weight, the ideal body weight can be calculated by the following formula; Ideal weight (kg) = 22× square centimeters (height) (square meters)

If the body weight exceeds 10% of the ideal value, it should be slowly reduced, and it is advisable to lose 1~2 kg of weight per month, but it is not suitable to lose weight during the acute onset period.Can you eat kelp for gout? Principles of diet for patients with gout

Don't overeat protein. Under normal circumstances, the ideal protein intake per kilogram per person per day is appropriate.

During the acute onset of the disease, we should try to choose foods with low Pulin content, such as eggs, milk, rice, wheat, sweet potatoes, leafy vegetables, melon vegetables and various fruits, and the protein should be supplied entirely by eggs and milk. In the non-acute period, you should try to eat a balanced diet and avoid foods that are too high in Pulin (please refer to the attached table: Foods with high Purin).