What are the pathogenesis characteristics of prostatic hyperplasia What are the specific symptoms of prostatic hyperplasia

Due to the pressure of work and life, men obviously feel that their physical condition has declined in middle age, especially in sexual function, and prostatic hyperplasia will also infringe on men's health, and the onset of prostatic hyperplasia has obvious symptoms, so middle-aged men must take measures to prevent prostatic hyperplasia, and seek medical attention in time once found.What are the characteristics of prostatic hyperplasia and what are the specific symptoms of prostatic hyperplasia

In the past, prostatic hyperplasia was a common disease in the elderly, but with the influence of living and working environment, prostatic hyperplasia has also begun to develop in middle-aged people. Patients with prostatic hyperplasia generally have symptoms such as urinary frequency, urgency, labored urination, hesitation, thinning of the urine line, and dribbling of urine.

The clinical features of the onset of prostatic hyperplasia are:

1. It is easy to misdiagnose as chronicprostatitisDue to the initial manifestations of urinary frequency, urgency, hesitancy to urinate, labored urination, and final urine dripping, the clinical manifestations are the sameChronic prostatitisExtremely similar. Coupled with the factor of age, it is subjective and objective to make patients and medical staff prone to misdiagnosisprostatitis。

2. Middle-aged patients with prostatic hyperplasia are prone to mental and neurological symptoms such as dizziness, irritability, anxiety, memory and sexual dysfunction. Due to a series of symptoms such as difficulty urinating, patients in Beijing Shuguang Hospital will have an impact on their life and work, and are prone to mental and psychological disorders, and are prone to have the impression of "premature aging" and "inferiority" psychology on themselves.

3. The frequency of nocturia is not obvious. Increased nocturia is a major symptom of benign prostatic hyperplasia.What are the characteristics of prostatic hyperplasia and what are the specific symptoms of prostatic hyperplasiaMost middle-aged men have less than 2 nocturinations.

It can be seen that male friends should not think that prostatic hyperplasia is only suffered from by the elderly, and now the age of the patient is showing a trend of younger people, men must pay attention to the prevention of prostatic hyperplasia in life or work, do regular andrological examinations, do not feel embarrassed, and avoid diseases that endanger your health.