What are the ways to prevent prostatic hyperplasia Prevention measures for prostatic hyperplasia

In life, prostate disease has seriously endangered the health of contemporary men, one of the more common diseases is prostatic hyperplasia, when men have prostatic hyperplasia, it will indirectly affect fertility, so I hope patients can pay attention, so how to prevent this disease in life?

1. Prevent being affected by cold from late autumn to early spring, the weather is changeable, and the cold often aggravates the disease.Prevention methods of prostatic hyperplasiaWhat are the preventive measures for prostatic hyperplasiaTherefore, patients with prostatic hyperplasia must pay attention to cold protection, prevention of colds and upper respiratory tract infections, etc.

2. Absolutely avoid alcohol and drinking, which can cause congestion and edema of the prostate and bladder neck and induce urinary retention.

3. Do not hold urine, holding urine will cause overfilling of the bladder, weaken the detrusor muscle tone of the bladder, and make it difficult for patients with prostatic hyperplasia to urinate, which is easy to induce acute urinary retention.

4. Do not overwork, overwork will deplete the middle qi, prostatic hyperplasia and insufficient middle qi will cause weak urination, easy to cause urinary retention.

5. Avoid sitting for a long time, often sitting for a long time will aggravate hemorrhoids and other diseases, and it is easy to congest the perineum and cause difficulty in urination. Regular participation in recreational and sports activities and qigong exercises can help reduce symptoms.

6. Drinking too little water in a moderate amount will not only cause dehydration, but also not conducive to the flushing effect of urination on the urinary tract, and it is easy to lead to the concentration of urine and the formation of insoluble stones.Prevention methods of prostatic hyperplasiaWhat are the preventive measures for prostatic hyperplasiaTherefore, in addition to drinking less water at night to avoid overfilling the bladder after sleeping, you should drink more water during the day.

Through the explanation of experts, you must already know how to prevent prostatic hyperplasia. Since this disease is mainly related to the daily habits of the patient. Therefore, everyone should develop good living habits in normal times. In particular, it is important to pay attention to your diet. In this way, it will not lead to the onset of prostatic hyperplasia.