What should I do if my child has a seizure?

childepilepsyIn the event of an attack, emergency measures need to be taken, and the child should be taken to the hospital immediately by calling the 120 emergency number. During the consultation, it is necessary to maintain a supine position, tilt the head to one side, and pay attention to cleaning up oral and nasal secretions to avoid aspiration and other conditions.

1. Emergency measures: childrenepilepsyIn the event of an attack, immediate emergency measures are required. Because seizures may cause tongue bites in children, when there is discharge in the mouth, it is necessary to clean up in time, and you can use soft gauze or towels to stuff into the child's mouth to prevent tongue bites.What should I do if my child has a seizure?In addition, it is recommended that parents use a flashlight to stimulate the child's mouth in time, and at the same time relax the child's clothes, belts, etc., to prevent the child from having convulsions.

2. Immediately send the child to the hospital for treatment: parents need to take the child to the hospital in time, if not in the hospital in time, you can first open the airway, oxygen and other measures for first aid, and at the same time untie the patient's clothes to ensure that the child's breathing is smooth. It is also necessary to stuff clean things in your child's mouth, such as a clean towel or gauze, to prevent your child from biting his tongue during convulsions.

3. Take preventive measures: Parents can take preventive measures in their children's daily life, such as inepilepsyUndress your child during a seizure to avoid biting yourself when your child has convulsions, or you can do itepilepsyHold your child down during a seizure to prevent him from falling.What should I do if my child has a seizure?

If parents don't know how to deal with their child's seizures, don't blindly suppress your child, so as not to cause your child to become disgusted by it. It is recommended that parents take their children to the hospital in time, and the doctor will treat them accordingly according to the specific situation of the child.